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Site: Unfortified settlement, Bronze Age

Name: Unfortified settlement, Bronze Age
Geotagging: The left bank of the river. Satybaldy cape at the confluence of an unnamed creek, 2.5 km to the NW of the NW suburbs with. Neplyuevka
Geomorphological position: Islet 1st terrace above the floodplain, the height of 1.5-2 meters above the water edge
Description of the monument: Monument found in aerial photographs in 1956 settlement consisted of five round pits arranged without apparent order, sometimes intersecting with each other. The diameter of the depressions around 9-10 m. In aerial photographs is easy to read site with clarified soil (ash pan). The area of the ash 180 200 m. The monument is a water reservoir, built in the 70s.
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