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Photos of birds Chelyabinsk region

 The project's website published new pictures of the birds of the Chelyabinsk region.. 

Reception of works for the photo contest "The unique water bodies of Russia"

Federal State Institution "Information-Analytical Center of the water complex invites everyone to take part in the photo contest" Water Unique Russian objects ", which is held within the framework of the photo exhibition of the same name

In the Komi Republic issued the "Inventory of specially protected natural territories of the Republic of Komi"

Scientific information publication will be useful for specialists in biology, ecology and nature protection, nature conservation practitioners, teachers of educational institutions, students, schoolchildren, all those interested in environmental issues.

Geological Institute KSC RAS issued a guide to the Khibiny mountains

Guide to the Khibiny mountains complete with a geological map published a Geological Institute KSC RAS ​​and Geological Survey of Finland. Now Kola Peninsula is included in the scheme Fennoscandinavian geotourism. This joint work was carried out by scientists in the framework of the project ABCGHeritage ( "Arctic biological, cultural and geological heritage"), which is funded by the program "Kolarctic ENPI CBC" of the European Union. According to the director of the Geological Institute of Yuri Voytekhovsky, is a good example of how science can popularize knowledge in society and the fact to make its social contribution in his life.

"Barents tour for eco-tourists" - the first guide, which tells about the nature, history, landscape and geological attractions of Northern Fennoscandia

Perhaps, with all base can congratulate the team of authors & ndash; Petera Johansson, Laura S. Lowry and George L. Voytekhovsky with the release & nbsp; wonderful book , tells of geological attractions and possible routes of their study in the territory, which covers the north of Norway and Finland, as well as the north-west of Russia .

The sounds of nature on a single map of the world

The professional sound engineers with world together developed Nature Soundmap & ndash project; nice interactive way to explore the sounds of nature on our planet. Combining high-quality recording with the latest pictures from the satellite, the project brings together the most beautiful, interesting and inspiring sounds of nature, according to Infomap & nbsp;.

About creation of the state nature reserve "Shaitan-Tau"

Resolution of 9 October 2014 №1035. The reserve is formed for the preservation of the standards Dubravnaya steppe, the best preserved in the southern Urals and is not affected by the influence of industrial activity.

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