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Site: Burial mounds, presumably, the early Middle Ages.

Name: Burial mounds, presumably, the early Middle Ages.
Geotagging: Right Bank district. Satybaldy, 2.7 km From the northern outskirts of the village. Snow, 1.7 km to the South of the south-western end of the dam on an unnamed tributary of the right. Satybalty. On the monument passes meridionilnaya field road connecting the dam with a path to Neplyuevku.
Geomorphological position: Watershed RR Yandyrka and Satybaldy. Height above the water's edge about 20 meters.
Description of the monument: Monument occupies a raised flat area the size of 400? 220 m. Between two spoons. It is composed of at least 20 burial mounds, forming a compact group 2, and 3 of the mound, standing alone - a 70 m SE of the group, two - in the 110 and 120 meters on the Yu and NE of it. The diameters of the mounds 10 - 20 m. Mound littered with stones, svezennymi with arable land. Part of plowed mounds, some opahivaetsya. Apparently, many mounds have lashed stone or shells and are stone fences.
Note: The exact number of mounds on the aerial photo is not.
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