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Site: Burial mound, the Bronze Age

Name: Burial mound, the Bronze Age
Geotagging: The left bank of the river. Stone, 5 km to the northwest from the northern edge of s.Neplyuevka have a sharp bend in the river
Geomorphological position: Area 1st terrace above the floodplain, 4 meters above the water's edge
Description of the monument: On the ground leveled terrace that has open up to 4 m, is the burial ground, consisting of 6 mounds of soil, forming a latitudinal chain length of 300 m. The diameter of the mounds of 18-20 m. In a study in the summer of 2008 (Batanina IM, Batanin S. A.) found - a monument swings open, save one, the easternmost mound located near the road. Mound mound dirt, plowed, but is clearly visible in the landscape. The diameter of the mound 17 m, height 1.3 m.
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