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Site: Unfortified settlement, presumably Bronze Age

Name: Unfortified settlement, presumably Bronze Age
Geotagging: The right bank of the river. Stone, 4.5 km to the northwest of the northern suburbs with. Neplyuevka, 3 km to the north shore of the reservoir.
Geomorphological position: Area 1st terrace above the floodplain, 2.5-3 meters above the water's edge
Description of the monument: During the field survey in the summer of 2008 established that the settlement area is completely overgrown with wild acacia (chiligoy). While cavities are free from the bush, but very matted, sedge weeds. Lifting no fees. In vysypkah of rodent burrows sandy soil saturated with ash. Arable land is conveniently situated close to the monument from the east.
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