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Site: Ethnographic objects, possibly nomads parking

Name: Ethnographic objects, possibly nomads parking
Geotagging: Rivers Watershed Stone and Satybaldy, 4.5 km to the northwest of the northern suburbs with. Neplyuevka, on top of a flat hill southeast side of a small fishing line
Geomorphological position: East slope of the watershed. Before beoega Stone 750 m. Height above the water's edge about 30 meters.
Description of the monument: On a small promontory formed by the bend of the river, on the virgin site is located about 5 without visible depressions, possibly housing. The size of the site of the monument 80 meters Size 40 cavities from 5-6 to 9-10 m. In 1957, aerial photographs clearly visible oval of 100 to 60 m structure oriented meridional. The structure formed by the shaft and soil surrounding moat. Inside, there are about a dozen circular depressions distributed along the perimeter of the shaft. From the south to the adjacent oval podkvadratnaya same structure size of 60 60m. On top of the hill across the site on an aerial photograph can be seen about 50 light traces of the same structures, but strongly plowed. These structures often come to one another. In aerial photographs, 1988 1:32 000 scale monument is almost invisible, plowed. View individual pieces of oval structures
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