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Ostrov na ozere Belishkul'

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Name: Ostrov na ozere Belishkul'
Cadastre number: no data
Code COATO: no data
Cluster: 0
The subject of the Russian Federation: Chelyabinsk region
administrative ter. education: Argajashskij
location: Argajashskij rajon, ozero Bol'shoj Belishkul'
forestry: GLF, Argajashskij leshoz
forestry (quarter): no data
serial number of plots: 0
topographic name: -
Code COATO: 0
Category: monument of nature
Category of protection (RAM): no data
Forest Group: no data
Profile: botanical
Status: regional
Years of creation and reorganization: no data
Total Area: 1
Square PA subordinates: 0
clustered PA: 0
PA type: 1
Cluster: 0
Category: 0
date of adoption and number of the document: 21.01.1969 №29
Registration authority: Решение облисполкома
Sq. Protected areas, according to the documents: no data
kat.zemel of which is formed. PA: no data
form and land use: федеральная собственность
Rationale for the creation of protected areas and its significance: Island of linden. In the stand dominated by lime. In the undergrowth grow mountain ash, elderberry, cherry, cotoneaster. In the herbage - fern, wheat grass, dead krapiva.Razmery Island - 300 by 120 meters. Affects the diversity and power plants. This is a true arboretum. Trees are very high, 20 - 30 metrov.Sredi herbaceous plants dominated by ferns and bracken schitovnik male reaching meters in height, wintergreen round-many-flowered Solomon's Seal, crow's eyes. Diversity and splendor of the flora on the island contribute to the special microclimate and soil moisture. In the western part of the island were carried out archaeological excavations.
Information about allocation of international diplomas: не имеется
protected species: no data
ecosystems: -
phenomena: -
historical and cultural sites: -
another: -
Subordination: ОГУ Дирекция особо охраняемых природных территорий Челябинской области
Mailing address: 454000, г. Челябинск, ул. Карла Маркса 72а
Phone: (351) 263-93-06
Fax: (351) 263-93-06
Е-mail: oopt_chel@mail.ru
FULL NAME. head: Шаврин В.М.
Head Office Phone: (351) 263-93-06
Have subordinate PA: 0
Geographical position. Naimen.gornoy country (plain, ..) etc .: Лесная зона. Подзона сосново-березовых лесов восточного склона Урала. Вишневогорско-Ильменский район сосново-березовых лесов
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