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Karagajskij bor

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Name: Karagajskij bor
Cadastre number: 74:xx:xxxxxx
Code COATO: no data
Cluster: 0
The subject of the Russian Federation: Chelyabinsk region
administrative ter. education: Verhneural'skij
location: Verhneural'skij rajon, v 35 km ot g. Verhneural'sk
forestry: GLF. Verhneural'skij leshoz
forestry (quarter): Карагайское
serial number of plots: 0
topographic name: -
Code COATO: 0
Category: monument of nature
Category of protection (RAM): no data
Forest Group: сосняки
Profile: botanical
Status: regional
Years of creation and reorganization: no data
Total Area: 11152
Square PA subordinates: 0
clustered PA: 0
PA type: 1
Cluster: 0
Category: 0
date of adoption and number of the document: 21.01.1969 № 29
Registration authority: Решение облисполкома
Sq. Protected areas, according to the documents: no data
kat.zemel of which is formed. PA: ГЛФ
form and land use: федеральная собственность
Rationale for the creation of protected areas and its significance: Island pine forest. Into forest stand structure enter: a pine, a larch, a birch повислая. The pine forest has big средообразующее value. It is unique the position on a joint of mountain-wood, forest-steppe and steppe zones, an originality and riches of specific structure. In an underbrush: кизильник черноплодный, a broom Russian, a dogrose cinnamon, a cherry steppe, a raspberry.
Information about allocation of international diplomas: не имеется
protected species: охотничье-промысловые животные
ecosystems: Island pine forest
phenomena: -
historical and cultural sites: -
another: -
Subordination: ОГУ Дирекция особо охраняемых природных территорий Челябинской области
Mailing address: 454000, г. Челябинск, ул. Карла Маркса 72а
Phone: (351) 263-93-06
Fax: (351) 263-93-06
Е-mail: oopt_chel@mail.ru
FULL NAME. head: Шаврин В.М.
Head Office Phone: (351) 263-93-06
Have subordinate PA: 0
Geographical position. Naimen.gornoy country (plain, ..) etc .: Лесостепная зона. Зауралья и Западно-Сибирской равнины. Подзона южной лесостепи. Район южной лесостепи Зауральского пенеплена
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