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Gucikhinckaya ctep

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Name: Gucikhinckaya ctep
Cadastre number: no data
Code COATO: no data
Cluster: no data
The subject of the Russian Federation: Оренбургская область
administrative ter. education: Кваркенский район
location: no data
forestry: no data
forestry (quarter): no data
serial number of plots: no data
topographic name: no data
Code COATO: no data
Category: no data
Category of protection (RAM): no data
Forest Group: no data
Profile: complex (landscape)
Status: Региональный
Years of creation and reorganization: 7/10/2013 10:06:15 AM
Total Area: no data
Square PA subordinates: no data
clustered PA: no data
PA type: 6
Cluster: no data
Category: no data
date of adoption and number of the document: no data
Registration authority: no data
Sq. Protected areas, according to the documents: no data
kat.zemel of which is formed. PA: no data
form and land use: no data
Rationale for the creation of protected areas and its significance:
Information about allocation of international diplomas: no data
protected species: no data
ecosystems: no data
phenomena: no data
historical and cultural sites: no data
another: no data
Subordination: no data
Mailing address: no data
Phone: no data
Fax: no data
Е-mail: no data
FULL NAME. head: no data
Head Office Phone: no data
Have subordinate PA: no data
Geographical position. Naimen.gornoy country (plain, ..) etc .: no data
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