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Cave Stancionnaja

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
number of rivers, ed .: 1
number of lakes, ed. 0
number of ponds, ed. 0
number of swamps, ed .: 0
sea water area, ha: 0
Topographical names of the main hydrological features no data
Brief description of vegetation (% of total area.): The vegetation cover is represented by a combination of birch, aspen, birch and pine-oak and birch groves on the northern slopes in the log and depressions with a grass-forb meadow steppes (with a weak participation of Stipa pennata and often dominated Filipendula vulgaris) and steppe meadows on podzolic chernozem and gray forest soils in river valleys. On stony rocky slopes, southern exposures common shrub (from Spiraea crenata, Caragana frutex, Cerasus fruticosa, Cotoneaster melanocarpus) and petrofitnye ovsetsovo-wormwood steppe (with Helictotrichon desertorum, Stipa capillata, Melica transsilvanica, Artemisia frigida, A. sericea, A. macrantha , A. commutata, Centaurea sibirica, Onosma simplicissima, Echinops crispus, etc.). On the slopes of river valleys and Ai Juruzan there are extensive outcrops of limestone rock with a fairly rich in composition petrofitnymi community, including some rare species for the area (Equisetum scirpoides, Gymnocarpium robertianum, Asplenium trichomanes, Minuartia helmii, Primula cortusoides, Rhodiola rosea, Saxifraga sibirica, Aulacospermum multifidum , Bupleurum multinerve, Patrinia sibirica, Thymus binervulatus, Carex alba). Nemoral floristic complex consists mainly of alder-bird cherry thickets of river valleys and on flood plain meadows (Anemonoides uralensis, Gagea lutea, Ficaria verna, Corydalis bulbosa, Lathyrus litvinovii, Circaea quadrisulcata, Knautia tatarica, Tulipa riparia), whereas the herbaceous steppe groves nemoral species are usually absent even in the presence of oak in the forest. Vegetation cover area heavily modified by human economic activity, which resulted in meadow steppe and steppe grasslands in watersheds is almost entirely occupied by farmland and crops and deposits, and balances the forest-steppe vegetation survived not only in large areas of ¬ on gentle slopes of river valleys, flood plains and stony hills.
description of vegetation no data
Age, years no data
prevailing forest types: no data
prevailing bonitets: no data
stock, cbm: no data
a summary of the biodiversity: no data
Taxonomic groups of fungi no data
taxonomic groups of plants: no data
taxonomic groups of animals: no data
list of endangered species in protected areas. Types of fungi: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: no data
species of plants: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: Plants no data
Types of animals: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity (animals) no data
Brief description of the medical resources no data
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