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Iremel'skoe vodohranilishhe

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
number of rivers, ed .: 1
number of lakes, ed. 0
number of ponds, ed. 1
number of swamps, ed .: 0
sea water area, ha: 0
Topographical names of the main hydrological features no data
Brief description of vegetation (% of total area.): Dominated by forb-grass steppe and pine forests and their derivatives from birch Betula pendula, and steppe forest types spread more widely than in the previous area. As part of pine often much admixture of larch, generally playing in the vegetation of the area a more prominent role than in any other district. Under the canopy of sparse larch-pine forests are common steppe shrubs (Spiraea crenata, Cotoneaster melanocarpus, Cerasus fruticosus) and meadow-steppe species of herbaceous plants. Birch stands also for the most part much ostepneny and sometimes have the character of the forest-steppe groves. There is absolutely no dark coniferous forests, and linden. Among the meadow communities, widespread in the region, dominated by grass-forb and steppe. On the southern slopes and hilltops widespread steppe communities - shrub and meadow-steppe and steppe petrofitno, the latter places have a rich species composition with rare species (Potentilla sericea, P. arenosa, Phlox sibirica, Patrinia sibirica, Minuartia krascheninnikovii, Oxytropis demidovii, Saxifraga spinulosa, Vicia nervata, etc.). By the relief depressions confined eutrophic sedge bogs of various types dominated sedge kochkarniki with Betula pubescens and Alnus incana, but encountered a very rare type of wetland plant communities - minerotrophic melkoosokovo-hypnum fens with Betula humilis, with a predominance in the herb layer Carex panicea and C. buxbaumii, in moss - Tomentypnum nitens, Scorpidium scorpioides and participation in the community of extremely rare species of vascular plants - Schoenus ferrugineus, Eleocharis quinqueflora, Pinguicula vulgaris, Liparis loeselii, Spiranthes amoena, Dactylorhiza russowii, D. ochroleuca.
description of vegetation no data
Age, years no data
prevailing forest types: no data
prevailing bonitets: no data
stock, cbm: no data
a summary of the biodiversity: no data
Taxonomic groups of fungi no data
taxonomic groups of plants: no data
taxonomic groups of animals: no data
list of endangered species in protected areas. Types of fungi: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: no data
species of plants: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: Plants no data
Types of animals: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity (animals) Обыкновенный махаон - Papilio machaon Linnaeus, 1758, приложения Кк РФ и Кк ЧО, (Лагунов, Чичков, 2006).
Brief description of the medical resources no data
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