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Uchastok river Ufa between Timofeevym i Zajkinym kamnjami

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
number of rivers, ed .: 6
number of lakes, ed. 3
number of ponds, ed. 0
number of swamps, ed .: 3
sea water area, ha: 0
Topographical names of the main hydrological features реки-Красногорка, Табуска, Сахарка, Мельничная, родники- Моталев, Арсланка
Brief description of vegetation (% of total area.): The most common type of vegetation native region are coniferous and broadleaved-coniferous forest of spruce and fir, with more or less substantial admixture of lime, elm and maple. Dominated sorrel, grass-krupnotravnye and krupnopaporotnikovye forest types with well-developed understory and involving a number of nemoral (Festuca altissima, F. gigantea, Brachypodium sylvaticum, Carex sylvatica, Galium odoratum, Stachys sylvatica, etc.) in the herbaceous layer. In the northern part of the district in the coniferous forests are very rare single copies of Siberian cedar. On a small scale, confined to the most fertile calcareous soils, there are deciduous forests - elm-maple-lime and occasionally oak. Widespread and pine forests, usually mixed with lime (lipnyakovo-Blueberry, reed-krupnotravnye, orlyakovo-forb). Forest area strongly violated logging and fires, cause the native forest types largely been replaced by derivatives of birch, aspen and broad-leaved low-productivity (mostly fake) wood, usually with an admixture of spruce, fir and pine. In the forests of common meadow meadows covered with mesophytic grass-forb meadows, in most cases have poslelesnoe origin. In the upper slopes of mountain ridges are tall meadow species composition of communities which is similar to that of subalpine tall higher mountains of the Southern Urals (Aconogonon alpinum, Aconitum septentrionale, Crepis sibirica, Cicerbita uralensis, Senecio nemorensis, Pleurospermum uralense, etc.). In the valleys of Ufa and its main tributaries flooded parts of the grass-forb meadows interspersed with alder-bird cherry uremnymi thickets, in the grass cover which presents a number of nemoral ephemeroids (Anemonoides uralensis, Ficaria verna, Corydalis bulbosa). Marsh vegetation in the area spread is relatively small. In addition to willow and sedge wetlands kochkarnikov often found in the valley of Ufa, a relatively large array of mesotrophic sedge-sphagnum bogs with rare area for boreal species (Betula humilis, Salix lapponum, S. myrtilloides, Ledum palustre, Carex disperma, C. dioica, C. pauciflora, C. paupercula, C. tenuiflora, etc.) there is a confluence. Dogwood in Ufa. On rocky outcrops along the shores of Ufa and its tributaries are found petrofitnye community whose composition is typical of the forest zone of the Urals (Elytrigia reflexiaristata, E. elongatiformis, Schivereckia hyperborea, Potentilla longifolia, Thymus punctulosus, Crepis foliosa, etc.) and includes a number of rare species for the region (Gymnocarpium robertianum, Artemisia santolinifolia, Potentilla kuznetzowii, Helianthemum nummularium). On limestone outcrops and slopes of the right bank of the Ufa in with. Shemakha are fragments of steppe vegetation, which includes many rare to the area of ​​steppe and steppe species petrofitno - Stipa pennata, Festuca valesiaca, Echinops crispus, Minuartia krascheninnikovii, Carex pediformis, Helictotrichon schellianum, Serratula gmelinii, Nepeta pannonica, Veronica spuria, Onosma simplicissima , Oxytropis pilosa, Potentilla humifusa, Cerasus fruticosa, Adonis vernalis, and other minor fragments petrofitno-steppe vegetation with rare species (Stipa dasyphylla, Carex amgunensis, C. obtusata) are also in the extreme south-east of the area where they are confined to the top rocky hills on the right bank of the Ufa near its headwaters (Upper Mount Shigirskaya Sopka).
description of vegetation no data
Age, years no data
prevailing forest types: no data
prevailing bonitets: no data
stock, cbm: no data
a summary of the biodiversity: no data
Taxonomic groups of fungi no data
taxonomic groups of plants: no data
taxonomic groups of animals: no data
list of endangered species in protected areas. Types of fungi: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: no data
species of plants: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: Plants Покрытосеменные Ковыль перистый - Stipa pennata L., Кк РФ, Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Венерин башмачок настоящий - Cypripedium calceolus L., Кк МСОП (пониженный риск), Кк РФ, Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Гнездовка настоящая - Neottia nidus-avis (L.) Rich., Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Дремлик темно-красный - Epipactis atrorubens (Hoff. ex Bernh.) Bess., Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Минуарция Гельма - Minuartia helmii (Fisch. ex Ser.) Schischk., Кк РФ, Кк ЧО (III), (Красная книга Челябинской области, 2005; Проект схемы..., 2006). Кувшинка чисто-белая - Nymphaea candida J. Presl., Кк ЧО (II), (Дорогостайская, 1961; Ветреничка уральская (ветреница уральская) - Anemonoides uralensis (DC.) Holub, Кк РФ, Кк ЧО (II), (Красная книга Челябинской области, 2005). Шиверекия северная (шиверекия подольская, шиверекия икотниковая, шиверекия горная) - Schivereckia hyperborea (L.) Berkutenko, Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Лапчатка Кузнецова - Potentilla kuznetzowii (Govor.) Juz., Кк ЧО (II), (Красная книга Челябинской области, 2005). Первоцвет кортузовидный - Primula cortusoides L., Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006).
Types of animals: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity (animals) Птицы Кулик-сорока - Haematopus ostralegus longipes Butulin, 1910, Кк РФ, Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006).
Brief description of the medical resources no data
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