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Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Earth which categories of protected areas or border on protected area нет сведений
objects and factors adversely affecting the protected area: no data
The degree of disturbance of natural systems no data
improvement of the PA: no data
Proposals to change the status of protected areas no data
The number of own staff: no data
Name of company no data
ОКПО: 991090
ОКОНХ: 31100
Code COATO: 117525688
КФС: no data
КОПФ: no data
Mailing address: 456420 с.Уйское, Таращенко, 40
Phone: 3-11-71
Fax: -
Е-mail: no data
FULL NAME. head: Kukushin Ivan Nikolaevich
security rests with the owners: no data
by whom and when issued security commitment: no data
the number of raids on ter.OOPT Protection: no data
the number of raids by security zone: no data
the number of freelancers and public inspectors in raids: no data
the number of state and public inspectors in raids: no data
violations: нет сведений
detained offenders: no data
imposed / levied administrative penalties: no data
filed claims totaling: нет сведений
instituted criminal proceedings: no data
count / Sq. (Ha) of fires: no data
the actual cost of fire-fighting: no data
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