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Sosnovyj bor «Zolotaja Sopka»

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Legend Land (ha,% of pl.): 1664
forest land, total (ha): 1664
covered with forest vegetation (including forest-cult)): 1387
no covered with forest vegetation (including forest-cult)): 277
non-closed forest cultures: 14
forest nurseries, plantations: 4
natural sparse forests: no data
smell of burning: 90
dead stands: no data
cutting: 152
glade: no data
non-forest land, total (ha), incl .: no data
- arable land no data
- hay: no data
- pastures: no data
- water (ponds): no data
- roads, clearings: 6
- estates, land settlements: 11
- swamp: no data
- sands: no data
- icehouse: no data
- straight lines: no data
- other land: no data
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