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Lake Sugojak

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
number of rivers, ed .: 0
number of lakes, ed. 1
number of ponds, ed. 0
number of swamps, ed .: 0
sea water area, ha: 1340
Topographical names of the main hydrological features no data
Brief description of vegetation (% of total area.): The vegetation is the area of ​​birch and aspen-birch forests combined with areas of steppe meadows and meadow steppes. More frequent dry park ploskozapadinnye pegs on watersheds and steep slopes, with a tree stand of Betula pendula and mesophytic grass-forb cover with meadow-steppe species, at least - swampy groves of B. pubescens on the bottoms of depressions, with an undergrowth of Salix species gigrofitnyh and sedge-cereal grasses. In the northern region (basin. Sinara), which has the highest forest cover, often of birch and pine regrowth bor significant impurity species in the herb-shrub layer, svidetelstuyuschie their derived character and appearance summarized in place of pine forests. Steppe grasslands and grass-forb meadow steppe (with Stipa pennata, S. capillata, Festuca valesiaca sl, Koeleria cristata and rich composition of meadow-steppe grasses) for the most part under cultivation, and in the remaining part of highly modified grazing and haying. In the depressions are widespread halophyte community Hordeum nevskianum, Leymus paboanus, Puccinellia tenuissima, Triglochin maritimum, Carex diluta, Bolboschoenus maritimus, Eleocharis uniglumis, Juncus gerardii, Limonium gmelinii, Plantago cornuti, Cirsium esculentum, Saussurea amara, Artemisia nitrosa, A. rupestris, A. laciniata, Galatella biflora, Scorzonera parviflora, Taraxacum bessarabicum, etc., and the most highly saline areas along the banks of reservoirs - overgrown annuals Salicornia perennans and Suaeda corniculata. The role of halophytic communities in the vegetation of this region is significantly higher than the previous one. On the shores of many lakes connected near-water and marsh communities, most of which have the character of reed marshes - zaymisch, sometimes occupying large areas (eg, swamps and Alakul Mamynkul). In these swamps the distance from the pond reeds go into a strip of sedge and willow kochkarnikov, then changing wetlands and salty meadows. Occasionally oligotrophic sphagnum bogs, forested bog dwarf form of the pine - ryamy (particularly in villages and Alabuga Borovoye), the herb-shrub cover, which provides a set of rare forest-steppe zone of boreal bog species (Eriophorum vaginatum, Scheuchzeria palustris, Chamaedaphne calyculata, Oxycoccus palustris, O. microcarpus, Drosera anglica, D. rotundifolia, etc.). River area are flat with extensive floodplains character and gentle slopes of valleys developed, but occasionally on river slopes are still found exposed bedrock river erosion of rocks that lie beneath a layer of Tertiary deposits (in particular, on the river. Cinara have to. Ust-Bagaryak and p. Miass around with. Miasskoe). These sections are very rare in the region petrofitnye community with rock ferns, Alyssum lenense, Draba sibirica, Potentilla longifolia, P. pensylvanica and others
description of vegetation no data
Age, years no data
prevailing forest types: no data
prevailing bonitets: no data
stock, cbm: no data
a summary of the biodiversity: no data
Taxonomic groups of fungi no data
taxonomic groups of plants: no data
taxonomic groups of animals: no data
list of endangered species in protected areas. Types of fungi: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: no data
species of plants: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity: Plants Покрытосеменные Дремлик болотный - Epipactis palustris (L.) Crantz, Кк ЧО (III), (Проект схемы..., 2006). Скрученник приятный - Spiranthes amoena (Bieb.) Spreng., Кк ЧО (I),(Красная книга Челябинской области, 2005; Проект схемы..., 2006). Золототысячник красивый - Centaurium pulchellum (Sw.) Druce, Кк ЧО (II), (Красная книга Челябинской области, 2005; Проект схемы..., 2006).
Types of animals: no data
title, source, status, category of rarity (animals) Насекомые Подалирий - Iphiclides podalirius (Linnaeus, 1758), Приложения Кк РФ и Кк ЧО, (Проект схемы..., 2006). Обыкновенный махаон - Papilio machaon Linnaeus, 1758, Приложения Кк РФ и Кк ЧО, (Лагунов, Чичков, 2006; Проект схемы..., 2006).
Brief description of the medical resources no data
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