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Geologicheskij razrez proterozoja na oz. Itkul'

Cadastral indicators Cadastral information
Earth which categories of protected areas or border on protected area нет сведений
objects and factors adversely affecting the protected area: no data
The degree of disturbance of natural systems no data
improvement of the PA: no data
Proposals to change the status of protected areas no data
The number of own staff: no data
Name of company no data
ОКПО: no data
ОКОНХ: no data
Code COATO: no data
КФС: no data
КОПФ: no data
Mailing address: no data
Phone: no data
Fax: -
Е-mail: no data
FULL NAME. head: no data
security rests with the owners: no data
by whom and when issued security commitment: no data
the number of raids on ter.OOPT Protection: no data
the number of raids by security zone: no data
the number of freelancers and public inspectors in raids: no data
the number of state and public inspectors in raids: no data
violations: нет сведений
detained offenders: no data
imposed / levied administrative penalties: no data
filed claims totaling: нет сведений
instituted criminal proceedings: no data
count / Sq. (Ha) of fires: no data
the actual cost of fire-fighting: no data
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